Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stones|Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of my favorite stones.  I like it because to me it's a straight forward stone.  When I see it, I hear "I am Love, and all that is beauty."  At times when I'm feeling ultra feminine and lately when in that mood I gravitate toward pink, I grab my rose quartz.

Rose Quartz can be very versatile.  It encourages love and is very soothing.  It helps calm my energy and I think of it as a neutralizer.  Red is passion and in my mind red means aggressive passion, fierceness, freedom and wildness.  When mixing colors, if you add white to red you get pink.  I see rose quartz as a more subtle and neutralized aspect of that energy.

You can seek freedom within the wildness of your passions and rose quartz teaches you to embrace that.  With subtle and quiet fierceness of course.  Wear a little pink to bring out your coquettish side and enhance that energy with a pair of rose quartz stones.  Rose quartz also enhances beauty so be sure to enhance you aura with pink roses.  View the world with  rose colored glasses for once....

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hair Update|Winter Regimen

This past year or so I've been slacking on the blog especially with hair updates.  Since I've reached my goal length of waist length, I've been pretty inconsistent with my hair.  I get into strict regimens for several months or so then get lazy.  Around this same time last year I noticed a lot of shedding all through the summer and into winter.  I tried everything from mayo and egg conditioners to looking into my diet.  It wasn't until late November this past year, that I found out that all my hair needed was weekly protein treatments as opposed to my once a month, if that, routine.

Bee Mine Coconut Cream Moisturizer $18.50

So Black Friday I went online and got 40% off on the Bee Mine Coconut Cream Moisturizer and Deep Conditioner.  I've tried this before and was pleased to see it works just the same, it never fails.  Just that my budget could not accommodate, but 40% off sale I had to have it.  These are not protein based, but I figured if I would be getting aggressive with protein treatments, might as well have a good follow up moisture system to maintain balance.  Creamy and very moisturizing.  I use either at night or in the morning and seal with coconut oil.

At first the scent was a little overbearing for me but after several days it was unnoticeable.  Not much of a change as far as when I first used it here.  I did notice some buildup when combined with my hair gel, but it does wonders for my ends.  Worth the investment and a little goes a long way so use wisely.

Bee Mine Deep Moisturizing Conditioner $18.97

I use this conditioner sparingly and only use it when visiting the beauty salon, which has been about once a month.  My hair loves this conditioner.  I try to pre-poo with honey and coconut oil prior to every salon visit then walk in with Bee Mine's DC.  The results are super shiny, glossy hair.  I also use heat for 15 mins for extra moisture and this also goes a long way even with my long hair so again, use wisely.

ORS Hair Mayonnaise $7.49

Unlike when I first started my hair journey I had a lot of time on my hands as my work life was not so demanding as it is now.  Every weekend I managed to give my hair a natural product based DC (avocado, eggs, mayo, etc.)  Now not so much but when I realized that all my hair needed was consistent protein treatments, I reached for ORS hair mayo.  My hair is thankfully responding well to this treatment and like the way it doesn't overly dry out my hair as some protein based treatments do.  Every Sunday since November I've given my hair a mayo treatment and its helped my shedding tremendously.

Miscellaneous Products

I've been using Aveeno Sulfate Free Shampoo for quite some time and may have mentioned it in a previous hair post.  I will be switching to Aubrey Organics shampoo soon.  I used to use Infusium 23 back in high school and loved it.  The only problem was I did not understand its high protein content as I do now.  A great strengthening leave-in just be sure to keep the moisture and protein balance in check.

That is my current regimen as I feel this may change into summer especially once Bee Mine runs out. I may try Kenra or revisit some of my Dominican DC, we shall see which way my hair goes by then.

What have you been using lately?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cognac Fever

Cognac is such an elegant drink especially during a much refined evening.  The same appeal can be conveyed in fashion with a sophisticated Cognac colored bag or high riding boot.  Along with a sleek black tall boot, I always like to also include a cognac colored bag and riding boot to my wardrobe to bring color to an all black outfit or add sophistication to a white button down pencil skirt outfit. I recently got me a pair of cognac wedge boots and strolling along  Charming Charlie's found a bag to match.  The outfit possibilities are endless....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Your Aura| Protect Your Energy I

"Girl, please it won't work," "why are you acting like that?", "I heard SO & SO say you..." these are some of the sly remarks you may get from not so true people who claim to have your best interest at heart.  The possessive partner, insecure friend or jealous co-worker can be just one of the many types of people you want to protect your energy from, especially on a daily basis.  The people we spend most of our time with are the people who highly influence us daily.  It's still a relatively new year and spring is right around the corner, so why not start with some early spring cleaning?

Be aware of the non meaningful people in your life who really are around to deplete and feed off of your energy.  The friend who always calls to tell you his/her problems, the non supportive friend who always seems to bring problems can be draining as their issues and insecurities can suck the energy out of you and those around them.  Notice how some of these people are only around to hear about the bad things in life your life with front row seats, avid spectators.  They never seem to bring any type of solution to your problems.

Most people have friends to say they have friends when in fact they're just a part of a co-dependent type of relationship.  Have you ever noticed a group of friends that seem to be around and a part of a lot of drama and issues?  It's like a never ending circle of negativity, each person feeding off each other.  Friends and all relationships should help build you as an individual and not leave you feeling down, used or taken advantage of.

One of the greatest things about self evaluation is that at some point you have to ask yourself, why am I attracted to these people, things or rather, why are these things attracted to me?  Law of attraction? Are they a reflection of you?  Whatever it may be, it's important to cultivate positivity and that begins with the people closest to you and how their energy influences you.

Learn how to cut people off and know when they no longer serve you a purpose. You may have to make new friends, let go of an unfulfilled relationship, but it's best to start anew and refreshed.

Cleanse your aura around you and you will attract people that live off of the vibrations of love, joy and positivity as opposed to the the parasitic friends that live by draining your energy. Creating a positive outlook and energy-field of thoughts, you help create experiences and emotions that are in tune with your vibration. In my next post I will share some tips I use to keep those energy vampires away.  In the mean time cultivate positive thoughts and send into the universe what you hope to manifest.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Aromatherapy|Jasmine Oil

Image Via

I've had Jasmine oil on my wish list for some time now and been meaning to add Jasmine oil to some recipes I have saved for this oil.  Genuine Jasmine oil can run from $30-$40 depending on the vendor and quite honestly my budget has not been feeling these prices just yet.  While I gather up the funds to get the real thing, I came across this fragrance oil for under $8 at my local natural health store. I figured since I do have an oil burner and make my own perfumes and mists I can give it a try in the mean time.

Aromatherapy Uses

Jasmine oil is a very calming and soothing scent. It is used in aromatherapy for it's anti-depressant qualities and calming effects on the nervous system.  Jasmine oil is also known as an aphrodisiac which promotes seduction, attraction and helps relieve headaches and insomnia.  Jasmine can also be ingested as tea so long as you find fresh and natural Jasmine tea to help relieve stress.  Jasmine can also be used to help clear and focus your mind especially during stressful times.  I like Jasmine oil when relaxing or right before my meditation session as I find the scent is code for "time to unwind" time.

Cosmetic Uses

When I first read about Jasmine oil I was intrigued by it's antiseptic and toning properties.  It is a very good oil for all skin types especially sensitive inflamed skin types thanks to it's calming qualities.  I'm also curious to see how it works on my hair since it's known to hydrate as well.  Once I do purchase the real thing I look forward to adding a few drops to my facials and hair recipes.

I've been using this oil mixed with vanilla extract and water in my oil burner and the scent is divine!  I also mix it with lavender oil and rose water in my essential oil spritz/perfume I concoct (seen here).  I spray it when under pressure especially at work lately where I've been very stressed.  I also like to spray it before meeting in my office to help calm my nerves when having a hectic day. It also seems to calm those around me when they wonder where that alluring scent is coming from.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Health Note|Face Reading

Arlenis Sosa-Google Images

A face is truly an ever changing portrait of who we are.  Seldom a blank canvas, enlivened by every evoked emotion.  Be it laugh lines, the mild mannered smirk, mole on your nose, your face can describe your personality with just one blink of the eyes. At least for me that is the case, since I've always studied and remained interested in this aspect of Chinese medicine.  Throughout the years I've been able to see how the face can not only describe your personality (physiognomy) but also your health as well.  I'm not a doctor and in no way diagnose anyone, but with close observation and a few questions you'd be surprised how accurate I can be.  Honestly you don't need to be a face guru.  Often time the flush of someone's cheeks can tell you how they're feeling right away so take that as your first lesson in face reading.

Deep horizontal lines on the forehead can indicate a worrisome person or a wide forehead (which many hide behind bangs) indicates a creative and intelligent person.  Those with that long Jay Leno chin are fussy and very organized (I worked with a few) and a dimple in the chin describes a playful and romantic person.

Health wise, the face can reveal many things.  Your under eyes are related to your kidneys so it's important to keep that organ healthy by drinking enough water.  Your forehead is also a map of your digestive organs so avoiding sugars and processed foods can minimize breakouts.  Acne is an indication of internal blockages like constipation. The body will try to cleanse itself regardless, including the skin.

Here's an interesting chart describing scars and moles throughout the face.

Face Reading: Secrets of the Chinese Masters

 By Simon G. Brown

Amazing You: Face and Hand Reading

 By Theresa Cheun

Friday, November 15, 2013


My creativity has taken quite the dip lately mostly due to over work these past couple of months.  Despite the neglect I have been quite the adventurous and dare I saying daring when it comes to my outfits.  I'm very classic and stick to neutrals most of the time.  But I have been drawn recently to bold colors and prints.  I still like my all white or all black outfits but a little color can make such a difference to your mood.

Stones and meditation has been my hobby lately.  Since I have such little time in a day, I make sure to isolate 15 mins a day anywhere to calm my mind and sort out my thoughts.  Cleansing and purifying my stones has helped me since I'm able to carry them with me anywhere and recharge them with new intent.

I've also been indulging in what I call the balancing act aura cleansing bath.  It's just simply water, salt and sugar and use it when I need a little bit of grounding and balancing, especially considering how fast pace things have been for me lately.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hungry?|Puffed Wheat Milk Shake|Batida de Trigo

One of my fondest childhood memories is closely related to this shake. Of course my kid memories are always related to food somehow.  But this right here had me craving for it all summer.  Now you may be saying to yourself, "wheat milkshake?", yes even to me, as a kid it was quite unappealing at the sound of wheat in my shake.

But my mamma always had the magic touch and made everything taste so good, so I could not have passed up on this intriguing concoction.  This is a very popular shake among Cubans which happens to have been a recipe my Cuban aunt shared with my mom many years ago. You can also find the recipe here. It's quite tasty and gives whole wheat a rather sweet edge.

And yes, my memories also remembers this accompanied by a Cuban sandwich.  

What You Need

Whole Milk
Sweet Condensed Milk
Sweet or Unsweetened puff wheat
Sugar (optional especially if your wheats are sweetened)

Mix all in a blender and enjoy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Strengthens Eyesight|Mental Powers|Decisiveness|Money|Heart Chakra

When it pertains to matters of the heart be it a change in a relationship, career and of course life, Aventurine helps you see the world in a different light from which you may be irradiating from.  What you perceived to be one way completely shifts when you come to realizations.  Aventurine helps you gain trust in that new perception and I guess that's why it's associated with strengthening vision, helping you real{eyes} the bigger picture.

Aventurine's name is derived from the Italian word "ventura" which means chance, luck. Actually now that I think about it, the word Aventura means Adventure in Spanish.  After all, Aventurine is a gambler's stone for  the risk taker, the "all or nothing" types.  It's also a stone of dreamers and untouched imaginations.  It attracts the playfulness of fairies and gnomes who particularly love to be around plants, trees and gardens.

This stone's energy has a very ethereal vibe to me.  It has a subtle way of helping you connect with it on a creative sense. My mind's thoughts run very rampant and often time find myself tackling many projects, imaginations in my mind all at once which often time prevents me from implementing them. I still have some more time to dedicate to this stone and get to know it a bit more especially it's healing aspect.

Associated with the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, it helps you gain that courage to be heard and most importantly self expression.  Aventurine is an all around harmonizing stone great to have if you are looking to find balance in the midst of change.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All White Affair

I'm headed to an all white affair this coming weekend and of course I left my outfit for the last minute.  Right after work yesterday I headed to the mall to see what I find. Being an all white affair I was a bit concerned I would not find something white but to my surprise I found several pieces. I'm still undecided if I should go with one of these dresses or opt for a pair of white trousers and white cropped blouse.

Either way I'm leaning toward one of these...we shall see.