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A Pre-New Year Life Reset: A 12 Step Guide


A few years ago I came across this article written by my favorite blogger Kimberly Luxe the creator of the amazing women's journey & stories blog " From a Wildflower".  In the article she outlined how she prepared herself for the coming new year typically starting at the start of each Fall.

We go through many experiences through our day to day life and neglect to take time to re-evaluate our present moment, our goals and future. It is crucial to take time to just stop all we're doing and find ourselves.  Who am I really, and what have I accomplished so far this year and most importantly who do I want to be in the new coming year?

Typically October to November are the months I begin to evaluate where I'm at, ask myself where I'm headed and what changes I can incorporate to my current lifestyle that will be brought into the new year. This is a 12 week self evaluation where I take 1 week for the next 3 months & dedicate a theme each week to something I want to change, honor or rediscover about myself.  I adapted a few recommendations from Kimberly's 12 week step program as well as changed some things around to best suit me and my lifestyle and of course you can also do the same.

I recommend you consider this as well or simply follow with the initial 12 step program to rediscovering the new you.

Here is my personal Pre-New Year plan listed below.

Before you start- Map out your goals: It is recommended you get a notebook/journal to start your program. This way you can write out your plans and most importantly list the goals you wish to accomplish before the year ends. This will also allow you to journal about the process and refer back to it later in the new year.  List your goals by month for all of November, December and into January.
Allow yourself time for each goal and be reasonable with how many goals you list.  This way you don't feel pressured or overwhelmed by too many goals. You can also break it down by 12 days or 12 months, get creative.  The point is to dedicate time to the new you.

My Weekly Goals into the New Year

How to use Indigo Balls and Camphor for Peace, Abundance and Protection


Indigo balls also known as Anil in Spanish have various types of uses for ritual.  It can be used as a floor wash and aura wash to absorb negative vibrations, clarify, purify as well as for protection against the evil eye, attract luck and to raise spiritual vibrations. We will also be talking about camphor which can be used for the same purposes.

Originally, Copper Sulphate (Blue stone), was used by African American Hoodoo witch doctors and Spiritualist (Espiritistas) alike.  Copper Sulphate however, is highly toxic and for that reason many began using laundry bluing balls as a substitute.  Another commonly known replacement, in addition to Anil, is laundry bluing agent such as Reckitt's Blue Laundry square tablets which can also be used as a substitute for ritual purposes.  It is not recommended to use Copper Sulphate and in no way do I encourage you to use Copper Sulphate due to its highly toxic properties.

Anil or Reckitts Crown Blue tablets are much safer & non- toxic alternatives that provides the same purpose and effect, which is to turn water blue for ritual.

Camphor is derived from the Camphor tree and as its scientific name Cinnamomum camphora indicates, it's a close relative of cinnamon. Camphor is a white crystalline substance and native throughout Asia and can be found throughout the world today. Camphor is very aromatic and has a rather distinct menthol scent.  

Camphor throughout history has been used for both culinary and medicinal uses.  In addition to its crystallized form, Camphor can be used in essential oil form too. Camphor is very purifying and clearing used to disinfect, purge and stimulate spiritual vibrations.

Now that we've gotten some basic knowledge of Anil/Indigo balls and Camphor, how can you use it for spiritual purposes?

Floor Wash

Indigo balls & Camphor when combined can be used as a potent cleanser for your front door and throughout the home to clear and purify it of lingering negative and low energy fields. It is also very healing and its scent leaves a very refreshing and clean scent.  It can help banish any energy left behind from people who may have previous lived or occupied a space especially if you recently moved into a new home.

My Current Skincare Routine | Fall 2016


With a new season upon us Fall + Winter tends to be the time I give a little more thought to my skincare routine, especially gearing toward more moisture based products.  I don't change up my skincare products too much because I feel like the products I've incorporated in the past year have been working for me. As as a creature of habit I don't like to switch it up too much especially if my skin is behaving nicely.

I've been going makeup free 90% of the time in the last 3 months, pretty much jumping on the Alicia Key's makeup free bandwagon. Dealing with an Autoimmune disorder this year really took a toll on my skin and felt I needed to give my skin a break and stop hiding what I was dealing with behind so much makeup.  I was dealing with extreme irritation, redness and blotches that really added to my stress trying to figure out how to heal my skin.

Thankfully, I've gotten my health back on track and my skin has been following suit. Since I'm in my early 30's, I gravitate to more preventative products and of course try to keep it as natural as possible, avoiding irritating ingredients for my ultra sensitive and prone to inflammation skin. So if you're looking for ideas or inspiration on how to spruce up your routine read along....


Offerings to Babalu Aye (San Lazaro)


Deity: Babalu Aye
Feast Day: December 17th
Colors: Royal Purple, Brown, Black
Number: 17
Day of the week: Thursday

Babalu Aye, translated father of the world, is the Orisha in the Yoruba/Lucumi tradition as the Orisha that oversees diseases, illnesses and healing. If you're an "I love Lucy" fan you may have heard of "Babalu" in Ricky Ricardo's (played by Desi Arnaz) song on the show.  His way of paying homage to the Orisha and the original Cuban composer of the song. In the bible, Saint Lazarus is known as the man Jesus raised from the dead or the rich man vs. Lazarus parable depicted in the bible.

He goes by many names depending on the region he is honored around the world. In Nigeria he is known as Obaluaye, in other parts as Omolu, Sonponno & San Lazaro (Saint Lazarus) in his syncretized version throughout Latin America.  He is personified in many aspects most notably his hunch back form and his use of crutches, as well as skin ailments such as sores and leprosy. 

He is also accompanied by 1 or 2 dogs, as we may know dogs are very intuitive and are able to smell diseases from distances.

There are a number of mythologies as to how Babalu Aye became associated with diseases, pandemics and the likes.  One being as indicated below:

5 D.I.Y Aura Spritzers Using Essential Oils


As an empath, a person who can intuitively feel other's emotions (extensively!), I'm always finding ways to balance, protect & purify (reset) my aura.  The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds people & objects. Thoughts and emotions we carry and pick up from people and places can affect the balance of our energy field.

The state of your energy field can be determined by colors according to those who can read auras, but you don't need to be an expert aura reader to know when someone or something is "just off" or "not right".  Constantly feeling drained, tired or out of focus can be indicators that your Aura may need a quick pick me up.

One way to really reset your energy field is to take an aura bath with flowers, perfumes and many other magic ingredients (check out some here & here).  However, we can find ourselves in situations where we can't always do a ritual on the spot so a quick aura spray can help you do that on the go. Aura sprays are not only for your person, but also for objects and places.  Every place or thing has an aura or ambiance. Some places may feel stuffy or heavy making it difficult to find it comfortable. Aura sprays are great for those types of spaces.  

Depending on the energy of the place & situation and mood you're in, an aura spray can be just what you need to enliven your senses.  Below I will show you 5 of my favorite aura spray recipes for any situation.

Anatomy of a Spiritual Altar


What is an Altar?
An altar is a sacred space that you can dedicate to a specific energy/entity for ritual, spiritual manifestation & development. Shrines and altars have existed since the beginning of time and are central to many ancient cultures & religions even to this day.  An altar is a place of self-contemplation, meditation, prayers, a place of honor for those we love and respect.

Ultimately, an altar is a focal point where you comfortably “Altar” your consciousness. Your altar is a place where you’re able to not only recognize the 10% of your brain that you use, but also activate the subconscious mind, the other 90% of the brain you don’t use which is your spiritual, higher self.

Who can use an altar?
Anyone can set up a spiritual altar.  You do not need to be an advanced occultist or initiated into any group for you to set up an altar & be successful with your altar.  It is a personal space where you can build relationships with your inner self and the divine world around you. It's about building intuition and self trust.

Ganesha Prosperity Spell + Solar Plexus Activation


▼ What You Will Need ▼

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□ Yellow Candle

□ Ganesha Photo or Charm

□ Essential Oils
  ○ Clove Oil
  ○ Cinnamon Oil
  ○ or Oil of Choice

□ Herbs
 ○ Ruda
 ○ Chamomile
 ○ Sunflower Petals
 ○ Sunflower Petals

□ Honey

□ Sesame Seeds

□ Yellow Citrine Crystal

□ Fire/Heat Proof Plate

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Herb to Know: Rhodiola Rosea + Why it's my Favorite Adaptogen


Herb to Know: Rhodiola

Scientific Name: Rhodiola Rosea
Species: Rosea
Other Known Names: Golden Root, Arctic Root
Plant Uses: Roots & Flowers
Origins: Siberian Mountains

You already know...yes another adaptogen.

Venus Rising + Planetary Influences Ritual


Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, fertility, beauty, success.  Working with her personally, I've been able to overcome many bad habits and learn how to be led by my intuition.

Silver represents the moon goddess and is very healing to the physical body due to its conductive nature. Receptive Energy: Attracting, quiet, calming, soothing, promotes meditation, spirituality and inward reflection. Grounding and peace energy. Psychic awareness, promotes love.

Beauty Note: Caudalie Instant Foaming Face Cleanser


Born from the potent ingredients found in grapes, Caudalie may seem new to us at Sephora, but in the ultra fine French skin care world, they've made a name for themselves for over 20 years. Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser ($28) was an impulse buy at Sephora. I hate to admit it, but I'm a sucker for those bins at the check out lines where they always seem to get me with one sample/mini product of some kind or the other.

Happens all the time!

At the time I had been dealing with a lot of irritation & inflammation on my face and although I had switched my moisturizer, I was still experiencing some irritation and suspected my face cleanser.

I had been meaning to purchase a cleanser at my holistic skin care store, but never got around to it, I impulsively picked this up in hopes that it would work. At fist I was skeptical about this cleanser's claims because I wasn't too familiar with the brand or reviews but what had me sold was that the bottle indicated it was free of parabens & does not include irritating ingredients like sulfates and others.

Caudalie's skin-care line is based on the polyphenols in red wine, distinctively the compound resveratrol which has been proven to help beat the effects of aging, such as dry & dull skin, wrinkles and premature aging due to sun damage and it's also a powerful antioxidant.

The Brand & its ingredients

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