Friday, June 25, 2010

Heidy Brown: Aquello

Una Vaina Rosada

This is Heidy Brown an up and coming artist from the Dominican Republic. Thought I start my friday with her tunes in mind. Una Vaina Rosada (Something Pink)


Diary of a Plus Fashionista said...

i was talking with my cousin from DR the other day and she had mentioned her, that's her song! hehe isn't that the dude from "Blackpoint"? se parecen mucho? lol

Hell Notes for Beauty said...

Hey where ya been? I like her because of her catchy lyrics. "Presa" is another song I like, lyrically very different from the rest of dominican artists and basically all artists in general we are used to hearing.

He knda looks like him you are right.

Norma said...

bX-o3qgph. When I went to post your comment i got an error with this number. I copied and pasted it.

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