Meet Mark and my very first MAC "haul"


So I finally found a place to keep my Avon Meet Mark eyeshadows and blushes. It's called snap to it mega palette and it  basically has 2 magnetics strips in which you just snap your shadows and blushes into. I love this blush called bronze glo a beautiful matte brown blush with light shimmers so I purchased 2 more just to have in case they are discontinued. During the winter this blush gives me the most natural beautiful brown glow which helps counteract my uneven skin tone during those dark winter months.  

Blush or eyeshadow sticks to magnet

and there you have it

The snap to it palette cost $8 and fits my 3 favorite Meet mark blushes and eyeshadows.
Left to right, Bronze glo blush, After glo blush, Dragonfly e/s, Heavenly e/s, Golden glo blush

After glo I heard is a close dupe for NARS orgasm. I would not know since I don't have orgasm, the blush that is. Golden glo is a lighter version of bronze glo and both provide great color pay off with a very light hint of shimmer.

Along with the palette and 2 bronze glow blushes I also purchased Avon's ergonomic concealer brush. I kind of like it but it's a little stiff compared to cvs's brush or my Eco tools one which is my favorite, its a little difficult to work with because it tends to be a bit stiff but for $4 bucks I can't complain and it's not the worst concealer brush either.

I also purchased my very first MAC items this past weekend. I have always been curious as to the cult following MAC has and truly have to say their products are pretty dam good. I have been loyal to drugstore brand makeup and the only thing high end (besides clinique) I have ever purchased has been Urban Decay primer potion, but I hate to admit it I'm hooked on MAC.

Girl About Town Lipstick
Desire Lip Glass
Desert Rose  matte powder blush
Love Rush Sheer Tone Powder Blush
Amber lights e/s
Cranberry e/s
Girl About Town is such a gorgeous color for my skin tone. Now that I'm tan and looking like a brown goddess this color is just simply gorgeous on me. However I also have a Revlon lipstick called fuchsia that is identical to girl about town when swatched and worn. I wore Revlon's on one side of my lips and MAC'S on the other at the same time and I swear you could not tell. I felt stupid I paid about 4 bucks for revlon's and 14 for MAC. Hey I guess it happens. However the colors may be the same but I liked the staying power of MAC's lipstick much better. It's like my lips were stained.

Mac Girl about Town/ Revlon Fuschia

Top: Girl About Town

Bottom: Revlon Fuschia

Desire lipglass
Girl About Town

My favorite combination right now is Love rush powder blush paired with desire lipglass on the lips. Love rush is this beautiful almost plum/red blush that just looks so sophisticated when paired with desire lipglass. I wore this the other night with a simple cat liner look and it truly looked great.

Desire Lip Glass / Revlon Plum Lipstick

Desire lipglass is gorgeous especially when paired with Revlon's plum lipstick . Which is basically the same just a tad bit lighter than the lipglass but nonetheless they complement each other beautifully.
Desert Rose is this pretty warm pink matte blush that pairs nicely with L'oreal's juicy lipgloss in cherry on top. Very pretty combination for a simple day look.

And finally I did a quick look using Amber lights and Cranberry

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