Peace and Tranquility Through a White Candle


Peace and tranquility are two things many are unfamiliar with considering all the daily hassles and stress one has to deal with on a daily basis.

Trying to maintain a harmonious environment whether it be at home, work or just within yourself in general, can at times be a daunting task. This is where you can start putting to practice the power of your intentions to work in conjunction with candles, colors and of course your mind. White is a color that is heavily associated with peace, tranquility, purification and renewal. However any color can represent this for you. Each color has it's own vibration and the way you perceive that vibration is unique to you so basically any color should work to help materialize your intent for peace and tranquility.

But for the sake of understanding I will use white for its standard meaning as a color that represents peace and purification. Everyone is familiar with candles in terms of setting a mood. When working with candles you are basically doing the same thing but this time you will focus and gear that mood toward your desired intent.

  Purifying your mind of negative thoughts can be rather liberating. For example, putting yourself down, constantly in conflict with yourself and others, or just simply lacking confidence can be stagnant and non productive energies that exist because usually our negative ways of thinking let them strive and become a part of our daily existence. 

Your intent, visualization and the candle are the three main things you will be focusing on.
Many are truly unaware of the latent powers their mind can have. What your mind puts out into the universe in the form of actions, spoken words and your most intimate thinking can influence your surroundings. Like a magnet the mind pulls all the scattered fragments existing in the universe and creates a reality by way of your thoughts, intentions. That is why it is very important to consider the way one thinks about not only others but most importantly oneself.

If you have belief in the power of your intent you automatically set your energy into positiveness. If however you are doubting that this will help you before you even buy the candle nothing will become of it. Because it is not the candle that will manifest but your thoughts, belief, faith, in yourself and what you are about to do. The real power lives within you. The candle is just a mere tool used to speak, awaken, focus and center your subconscious mind.

When I feel that things in my house are a little shifty, a lot of stress at work or I just need to purify my thoughts I usually grab a white candle. Candles can be a great medium for meditation. This helps you quiet your mind and pay attention to those things that may be causing disturbances in your life. With the rushed lifestyle many tend to live, there is little time to sit and thoroughly think things through which usually leads to unfulfilled decisions time and time again.

There are many ways you can enhance your intent not only by using candles but also essential oils can be a great tool in addition to candles. Essential oils are not merely just limited to aromatherapy. Essential oils actually are a magical system unto themselves as well. One of my favorite Essential oil to use for purification and peace is hands down Lavender oil. Just putting a drop or two into your candle can instantly transform the mood and air in your room.

Lavender oil is pretty much the oil to use when seeking out peace and tranquility. Whether it be for yourself or your environment, Lavender oil by far is my favorite oil for rest and relaxation. Incorporating Lavender oil to your candle or even on yourself as a scent, can help ease stress, tension, headaches, insomnia just simply a great oil to purify and uplift your energy.  Lavender oil has many protective qualities against negative vibrations and situations surrounding you as well.

The point is visualizing your intent for peace and tranquility. Creating an atmosphere of quiet thinking for yourself is important with or without the aid of a candle. Organizing and helping bring your thoughts into manifestation can help you go through things with ease and focused intent.
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