Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waist Length Challenge August Check In

This is my first official photo documenting my progress back in April (after about 10 months into my hair journey) when I decided to enter A Grl Can Mac's Waist Length challenge. When I took this picture in April, my hair was very thick and a bit on the dry side. And of course I was ranting about my salon experience.

April 2009

July 30th 2010

This is my hair now, had a nice experience at the salon this time, so no rants. I went to a wedding the weekend of July 30th and since I rarely treat my hair to some heat and needed to check in with the challenge, I decided to hit up the salon and finally take family photos with my new found hair. This time around my hair looked and felt incredibly moisturized, healthy and not many split ends. The last time I cut my ends was in December of 2009 and I'm noticing that it's growing into a "v". I'm also surprised that my ends are still looking decent. Before I got to the salon I did a preshampoo treatment (honey and coconut oil) and walked in with it in my hair and brought along my Miss key 10en1 deep conditioner (10 mins w/ heat) and let them do their magic.

Despite my hair turning out really shiny, fabulous (that prepoo teatment never fails), and straight, my hair felt nowhere near as thick as it was back in April. I don't know if you can notice in the pictures, but I definitely feel the difference.

Since I have had my curly fro out most of this summer I have not been moisturizing and sealing every night as I should and usually do (mostly laziness). My sister noticed my concern and mentioned that the stylist did a good job at keeping my hair straight thus perhaps reducing my thickness significantly. But I still was not convinced and thought many things could have been the cause:

1. wash n go's/not maintaining adequate moisture throughout the day
2. detangling too often/skipping moisture and sealing sessions
3. too much co washing
4. too much protein by way of BPT
5. it's just normal, as it grows longer it thins out more?
6. Maybe I need a little trim

I have a feeling that I may be overdoing it with either the co washing or the BPT Wheat germ or it is just NORMAL for my hair to feel this way. I have had about 2-3 shedding/breakage episodes since April but mostly due to moisture so that may be a factor. I don't know what I may be doing wrong, maybe too much protein? Moisture? My curly fro sucking the life aka moisture out my hair? or maybe it's just normal for my hair to feel this way? I don't know.

Maybe it's not a big deal but to take precaution I will lay off BPT and use it every other week as opposed to weekly and will also limit my cowashes to once a week. I will get back into Protective styles for the next two weeks and take my curly fro out every weekend or so. This is to limit my hair to the sun and just maintain more moisture since I feel I may be over doing it with the protein (BPT).


Despite my hair not being as thick as I had expected, I'm very thrilled with how healthy my hair looks. Never in a million years did I think I would be able to enjoy my hair frizz free nor see how much progress my hair has been able to make. I will be revamping my regimen, a post on that soon, right now I'm deep conditioning with Miss Key 10 en 1 review coming soon also.
I truly encourage you ladies to pay attention to your hair. It is not an easy task but the results are so worth it.


Miss Vendella said...

i love your hair! it looks so shiny and healthy! keepup the great work. :)

Smiles and hugs



KayKay said...

love your hair! mine will never be that long so im addicted to buying it lol

Taj Acosta said...

wow your hair is gorgeous!! hugs

Miss C i n d i a * said...

Wow, you can really see the difference! It looks so silky and healthy, congrats : )

Nubiasnonsense said...

this was a very informative post. Bless your hair its gorgeous

Nepenthe said...

Congratulations on your progress, that's fabulous. :]

Deity Esspee * said...

it definitely looks healthy. maybe she just blowdried is so bonestraight that it seems thinner? because when i do my hair at the salon it feels thinner vs. doing it at home. your hair didn't feel greasy after the honey/coconut oil prepoo? i'm going to try that definitely! i mean not right before i do my hair though, because i think it might make my hair greasy for it to be styled :/ IDK. but thanks for the post!

& to answer a comment you left me regarding my horrible salon experience ; i actually very rarely go to the salon. that was only my third time this whole year. i do my hair at home weekly ; i co wash, deep condish with either kerastase or one of my products from DR, and then do rollers. and my hair was very healthy. but i'm staying away from the salon for a long time, believe that :\.

KayKay said...

hey thnx for stopping by and writing back. i know its a myth about the hair im just so darn impatient and gotten to addictive to weave. i take care of my hair underneath and its making progress but i know itll take time

Tiffany said...

first off, I'm irked I missed the giveaway. I started a new project at work and have been too pooped to check in. But your hair looks FABULOUS in these photos!!

1xellus1 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful progress! It looks as though you are at waist length already! Congratulations! It's very shiny! AWESOME! I agree w/ some of the other commenters about the stylist making it bone straight & it's appearing thinner.
I find that I don't use as much heat as the stylist & it's always more fuller when I do it. :O)

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