Homemade Facial Scrub: Aspirin


Aspirin, also known as Salicylic Acid, is a great base to use when you want to give yourself a simple yet effective homemade face scrub. Salicylic acid {a Beta Hydroxy acid} cleanses through the natural oils the skin produces (sebum) much easier, especially for those with oily and acne prone skin types. This simple and handy ingredient cleanses deep down to the pores targeting clogged pores and blackheads. Aspirin also has excellent anti inflammatory properties which helps calm and sooth pimples.

I have very oily skin and have been dealing with it more often than not. Even my lids are oily for god sake! Recently I have been slacking on my water intake so that may be the problem and not to mention that time of the month outbreaks. So I'm paying strict attention to my daily water intake while trying to do some topical control as well. This scrub helps keep things at bay especially when breakouts come out of nowhere.

For this versatile and simple scrub, you will need preferably uncoated regular aspirin. This way it will dissolve quicker.

You can add a myriad of things to this scrub. Here are a few of my favorite additions:

Honey contains moisturizing and antibacterial qualities
Yogurt cleanses, soothes and evens skin tone
Strawberries ideal for oily skin, natural astringent

Bananas moisturizes and nourishes
Oatmeal another great mild cleanser which soothes and controls oily skin

Oils are also very beneficial when added to an aspirin mask. Here are some oils I have come to love:

Vitamin E anti aging, prevents loss of moisture (humectant), treats scars

Sweet Almond Ideal for mature, dry and itchy skin

Grapeseed Oil anti oxidant, tightens and tones the skin, penetrates skin much easier

This scrub will get deep down into those pores where blackheads love to linger especially on my nose.

*To prevent irritations or allergy reactions, please make sure you are not sensitive to aspirin especially for those with sensitive skin. As with most Alpha Hydroxy Acids you are much more sensitive to sunlight so make sure you wear a suitable sunscreen*

I do not really SCRUB my face. I say this because I have seen people actually use a fist to scrub their face. Remember that no matter what your skin type, your skin is very sensitive. If you use too much force you risk wear and tear. Instead use very gentle and massaging strokes. I tend to use scrubs once every two weeks. I used to over exfoliate a lot and the signs are usually large pores, dry skin and weird patches. So always keep in mind that less is more.

Leave on for 15 mins and rinse

Always avoid the under eye area
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