How To Cleanse and Purify your Environment Using Incense Part 2


As mentioned in part 1, I recently got back into burning incense particularly for purification purposes, especially around the house. No home is ever perfect and I don't know of any person who does not ever strive for one. For me home is where the heart is and positivity within one creates a more powerful unit and individual. Your home is where you retreat from all the different kinds of energy you are exposed to on a daily basis and if at the least, it should be the place where you can come to rest and renew your mind, body and spirit.

The use of smoke or incense to purify and cleanse people, places and things is a very ancient practice. Throughout many cultures, countries and customs, the belief that energy can take hold of your surroundings (aura, business or home) be it positive or negative, was and still is a very prevalent belief. The lives of our ancient ancestors, for the most part, revolved around keeping this energy balanced. They believed that the imbalance of this energy is reflected through illnesses, depression, anger,confusion and lack of will among many.

 Some call it prana, chi, mana, spirit or simply energy. Not only are we filled and surrounded with this energy but so are the things, places and people around us.

No matter what you may call it, this constant flow of potential life, creativity and renewal known as energy exists in all of us. However you may want to manifest your energy depends solely on you. We are constantly emitting this energy by way of our thoughts and actions toward oneself and others. Unfortunately as individuals it's difficult to control the negative ways of thinking of most people. That's why it's so important to cultivate a stronger and more positive mind for one self, helping to lead by example. What you speak, think and act upon ultimately creates your mood, personality, aura and your daily existence.

Your mind, intentions and thoughts are in fact the main components you are trying to put to work here. The incense, resins, charcoal and smoke are just mere tools to help you tap into your subconscious mind where your true, deep desires and true self resides. The conscious mind always needs something tangible to hold on to. More like an affirmation if you will.

Using incense to rid a place of negative vibrations is similar to smudging and an excellent way to clear your surroundings of negative, unfulfilled energy. Smudge sticks are basically dried herbs, most commonly sage, bundled, wrapped and ready to burn. Whether it be a smudge stick or loose incense, the concept of using the smoke to cleanse and purify your home, business or work/personal space is the intention.

Smudge Sticks

Recently my sister moved into a new apartment and I had the opportunity to mix up a few incense concoctions of my own. I find that whenever moving into a new place it's always good to give the new place not only a physical cleansing but spiritual one as well. This is a simple yet effective way you can rid the place of the last person's vibrations and program your new home or space with your vibrations and energy which for me is of peace and prosperity.

Here I will show you the wide variety of common herbs I have been using to burn as incense. I find that I like to use fresh herbs. Sometimes I grind them or burn them whole it all depends on how I may feel. Like with most things, herbs carry their own energy field and vibrations. Herbs are also very versatile and carry within them pleasing aromas and unique qualities benefiting the body and spirit. What's so amazing is that you can basically find these herbs at your local food market or kitchen cupboard.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Rosemary can be burned to purify any space especially those places where illnesses, conflicts and lack of peace persists. Rosemary helps promote positive energy and it's known to be one of the oldest incenses.  When burned, rosemary helps attract love and lust especially for those seeking love and companionship. Rosemary also promotes healing and mental clarity.


Burn thyme for, healing, purification, courage.

Feeling a little fear about something you are passionate about and want to banish those doubtful thoughts and take the plunge? Then burn a little thyme to give you strength and courage to manifest your your intent, be it a new job, change in life etc.

Thyme is also burned to attract good health, banishes negative energy and uplifts the mind and spirit.

Thyme's purifying and healing vibrations helps clear an area where  someone is suffering from an illness especially long term illnesses. Ideal for creative work spaces, thyme helps to renew energy and purifies spaces of low energy helping you become more productive and creative in what it is you may be working on. Associated with the planet of love Venus, thyme is very useful for attracting all types of love and peace into the home as well.


Sage is very popular throughout the Native American tradition and ritual of smudging. Sage is an excellent herb to have especially for those starting anew. Be it a new home, relationship, or life decision, sage is a very nice herb to burn especially while meditating on such matters. Sage purifies spaces allowing for more life enhancing energy to flourish. Keeping a sage plant near helps absorb negativity. Sage also promotes wisdom and learning which is a very good vibration to promote in any ambiance.

Rue; Ruda

This is my first time using  ruda. Last year I encountered ruda in candle form and liked it so thought I'd get me a pack just see how well this herb burns. Second to sandalwood, I'm really feeling this herb. When burned, Ruda emits this very soft musky scent that I can't describe. When I smell it I get this really good vibe and thoughts of comfort always comes to mind. Ruda can be burned to attract love and peace. Associated with blocking all evil, negative and low vibrations ruda is an ideal herb to burn to help purify any area. You can check out my post on ruda for a more detailed description.


Sandalwood has become my favorite and my go to incense recently. I find that I reach for sandalwood most often especially right before meditating. Sandalwood is used for spiritual elevation as well as a very effective calming and soothing scent. I like to use this incense with others like frank and myrrh. It's a very nice incense to burn for peace of mind ald also promotes luck and prosperity.

Frank And Myrrh

Frankincense is very ancient and associated with spiritual enlightenment. A very potent protective incense helping rid your space of negativity and low vibrations. Frankincense also draws love into your home. Not just love from others but brings out the love from within one self.


You really can't mention frank without Myrrh. Like Frank, Myrrh posses amazing healing and protective qualities. When paired you have yourself a great incense to burn. I used frank and myrrh during the holidays, when I had all sorts of people, moods and energy roaming about.
Myrrh promotes love and peace as well.

When it comes to incense the possibilities are endless. Familiarizing yourself with each scent is key since you learn how to  pick up each herb's different vibration. I find that I can tolerate softer scents like sandalwood and ruda. I find that sage, frank and myrrh are rather strong in terms of how I feel and sense each.

I intended for this post to be a two part series but since I did not want to cram everything into one post I decided to add a third part. Next post will basically cover the basic tools you will need and mention a few basic safety precautions before you get started.


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