Homemade Facials: Strawberry and Honey + A Banana and Molasses Facial


A few years back when I first got into homemade beauty and skin care my first ever facial was a strawberry and honey facial. It was my go to for face masks and it always left my skin feeling ultra soft and clear. Now that strawberries are in season I decided to revisit my favorite face mask. It's been a while since I have done a strawberry/honey facial so I decided last weekend to give myself a treat.

Strawberries are not only delicious when in season, but it's very beneficial for those with oily skin thanks to it's natural astringent qualities. Strawberries also contains Salicylic Acid (one of the AHA's/BHA mentioned here) which naturally exfoliates the skin of dead skin cells leaving you with soft and glowing skin.

Strawberries and Your Skin

Combats excess oil
Helps ligthen skin
Helps clear acne
Tightens pores

although not skin related.....Strawberries also helps whiten teeth naturally.

Honey of course is a natural moisturizer and a natural antiseptic keeping pimples and blemishes at bay. Which is why I like to use this facial when I have pimples. So now that they are in season put them strawberries to use.

I also discovered a new snack, honey dipped strawberries, ultra satisfying for my hard to manage sweet tooth........

Banana, Honey and Blackstrap Molasses facial

So I had a half eaten Banana lying around the other day which I saved for a facial. I love Banana facials because it gives my skin this amazing glow and ultra soft feel.

So I took it out of the peel and it was perfect for a facial.

You can just add the honey for it's rich moisturizing benefits.....

But I decided to add Molasses too.

Molasses contains Glycolic Acid which is also a natural AHA. It naturally exfoliates your skin allowing for new healthier skin cells to take over.

I just mixed the honey, molasses and banana together and left it in for about 15 mins. I rinsed and was left with soft glowing skin.

I tend to do one or the other facial once or twice a week, especially before a big night out since it tends to make my makeup look 10 times better. You can easily try these facials as well as add a wide variety of ingredients, like yogurt, milk,essential oils or whatever your skin may need.

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