Natural Hair Notes: Blackstrap Molasses Hair Treatment


Dec 2010 before trim

I finally got my hair trimmed this past Feb after about a year and 2 months since my last trim. I don't know what took me so long but I finally got it over with. I did not have a lot of bad ends but enough to have made a difference in my hair. Since trimming I find that my hair is much bouncier and thicker, so I will make sure to trim at least once every 6 months or so.

I've been a bad girl as far as the salon visits and all the heat I have been exposing my hair to. I have gotten a little too flat iron happy lately so I have been deep conditioning and protective styling for the most part of February.

I decided to do another Black Strap Molasses treatment since I was due for a protein/strengthening treatment last weekend. I tend to use eggs and mayo but decided to try molasses again since it did such a nice job the first time around. I decided to use it as a pre-shampoo treatment like I did the first time. I did not mix it with anything. I used the molasses alone with a little bit of water since molasses can be super sticky and difficult to distribute throughout the hair if not diluted with water.

Molasses used as a hair treatment, helps soften and strengthen the hair especially if you notice a bit of shedding all the while providing shine to the hair.

I simply parted my hair in four sections and made sure I coated every strand.

This is what it looked liked with blackstrap. It made it look like I had a hair dye in my hair. I left it in my hair for about an hour rinsed and followed with an avocado hair treatment.

Please make sure you wear clothing you don't need since it can get a little messy.

I followed up The Black Strap Molasses treatment with an avocado Deep Conditioner I made. I simply added honey and castor oil and left it in for 2 hours.

These were the reults soft, shiny and strong curly hair.

I used my rosewater and Aloe Juice mist as a leave in and once my hair dried, I used Bee Mine's Balancing Cream, Sealed with castor oil (switced to castor from grapeseed) did a long braid in my hair and that was it.

I have been basically keeping my regimen simple. I try to do a homemade treatment every week or so. I'm also loving how soft my hair is when I use aloe and rosewater as a leave in. I will use Blackstrap in my other hair treatments since it helps keep my hair strong, shiny and soft.

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