Equate Eye Cream


Recently my eyes have been itching a lot mostly because my job has me in front of a computer screen for 9 hours of my day. I also have been neglecting to incorporate an under eye cream into my daily facial routine. So I have been dealing with dried out eye balls and eye lids.

Eye creams are known to be a bit pricey and claim to perform many miracles, but this Equate brand eye cream I picked up at walmart not too long ago, turned out to be not only a great product but great deal as well. I have not tried any high end eye cream brands to compare, but so far I don't feel that dry irritated feeling I was dealing with under and around my eyes nor is this eye cream greasy like others I've come across.

The texture is very creamy and thick enough to help you feel it's moisturizing and light enough to wear under makeup. I tend to use it at night but on those nights I do forget to use it, I use it the next morning under my concealer with no creasing or fading at all. 

Over all this turned out to be a great find however I would have preferred a tube as opposed to using a q-tip or fingers .
So for the $7 I dished out for this eye cream, I say it was a great buy!

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