Stone Smudge


I haven't mentioned my stone collection since my last post here...But despite the lack of mention on the blog, my crystals, gems and stones have made their way into my daily life since first discovering the potential many stones and crystals posses.

These pictured above are some of my main staples, but recently I've acquired a few new stones I'll be sharing with you in an up and coming post. In this post I will show you how I smudge my stones to help clear them of any vibrations and also show you how I recharge them as well.

It's very simple really, I just set a charcoal with incense of my choice. In this case I used frank and myrrh to help rid the stone of any energy it may have accumulated. I 've come to intuitively decipher each stone and find that each stone truly has it's own unique way of working with me. I've been doing a lot of public speaking and just like any other person, I may look like I have it under control, but inside I'm a nervous wreck. So for my fear of public speaking I've been carrying both carnelian and citrine to help me become a more efficient speaker.

So I decided to give my collection a fresh new cleanse for this new month considering I have many new things in the works.

Although citrine is the only stone that does not require cleansing, since citrine cleanses itself of any negative or low vibrations, that can not be said about my other stones and crystals.

 I like to use smoke because it helps me visualize the intent I'm trying to manifest throughout the stone. The clearer and more defined my thoughts and intent are the better I'm able to feel the subtle energy the various stones I work with posses.

Amethyst is an all time favorite and my favorite stone to meditate with. I haven't been using my red jasper since it disappeared on me for quite some time. Hinting it was to time to let it go since I was so attached to it.
Stones tend to disappear when they are too charged or have simply played their role in your life. So it was time to let go and start discovering new stones.

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