Mini Haul + A Manicure


Last March I received a sample of Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion with the purchase of a blush.  I've dabbled into Clinique's shadows and blushes, but not so much into their skin care line. My skin these past 2 years has been going haywire. And lately I've been dealing with a lot of dryness and irritation. During my skin's moody episodes I tried this lotion and found my skin was instantly soothed.

After trying it several times and getting the same results, I decided to shell out the $25.50 for the full version. I like this moisturizer overall and it's light enough to keep my sometimes greasy skin balanced while at the same time keeping dryness at bay. Yes, at times it's oily then it'S dry! I just can't win.

 I've also been on a 2 week Honey facial cleansing challenge which has dramatically improvedmy skin, more on that in another post, in the mean time clinique's moisturizer is part of my regimen day and night.

Before that I was using Olay's facial moisturizer but I noticed my skin was not liking it as much...

Although it's much thicker than clinique's moisturizer, I felt like my skin was prone to more irritations than usual.

I also included  2 Lipsticks inmy haul, one was a refill of Revlon's Black Cherry and the other Revlon's Smoked Peach.

Left Smoked Peach
Right- Black Cherry

I also got my nails did! On a whim I decided to get a deep wine red.

Yes these are my real nails! Still taking care of them with Coconut Oil and Argan at times....
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