What's in My Bag.....


I'm the type that the bigger the bag the more crap I manage to find and put in there.  But lately I've been doing very well at organizing and bringing along just what I need.  I got this very cute Nine West bag for Christmas. It's been my go to bag ever since.  Considering all the pockets and room this bag has, I've managed to bring along just what I need.

Take a look............

Agendas: I have 3, the purple for personal lists, blog ideas and inspiration. The red is for work, meetings and appointments and the mini spiral notebook keeps tel#'s, business cards and random stuff.

My zebra print wallet which  I love, my phone and 1 liter of water I challenge my self to drink everyday.  I also have an umbrella, makeup bag, sunglasses, my gum and some homemade body spritz.

Pretty much it, very basic and just the bare necessities.

What's in your bag?
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