Hair Products Review: Nexxus Heat Protectant, Conair Blowdryer


Remember back in December I showed you all a few new hair related products I got?  I was in need of a blow dryer mostly to help with my roots after roller setting.  However I've been having issues trying to get into the blow drying groove.  My wrists gets tired fast and it seems I do more damage than necessary so I've been laying off on it a bit.

Walmart $19.99

Otherwise I like this Con Air dryer. It cost me only 20 bucks and it does a good job especially if you don't use blow dryers much.  It has a Hi, Med and low cool setting and a concentrated attachment which makes it much easier to use. It also came with a diffuser I have yet to try.  Maybe I'll try the diffuser out on my curls this summer.  Overall it's pretty good for the price and especially if you need a blow dryer but don't want to spend too much. 


I also got this Nexxus Pro Mend Heat protectant for about $14.  Comparing this to CHI's Iron guard I prefer Nexxus's because it does not leave my hair hard.  Chi iron guard tends to leave my hair a bit stiff.  Since I've been a little flat iron/ blow dryer salon happy lately it's turned out really well for my hair.  I spray about 4 to 6 pumps throughout my hair let it sit for a minute then I start ironing. 


Along with this mini haul I purchased these hair clips mosty for my hair wraps, but they tend to leave dents in my hair so I use them to hold on to my rollers instead when roller setting or to hold my hair up when parting my hair in four sections.

The clips I had were not enough for my entire head, so I picked up these roller setting bobby pins last weekend at Sally's.

I've bought these before in silver.  But since I tend to use these bobby pins to pin my buns and french twists I decided to get them in black.

The tip never chips off like my regular pins.  They do tend to snag at the hair since they are real tight, so you have to be careful when taking them out your hair.

My hair since the last update has been pretty much the same.  I've slowly have been transitioning back into commercial products with silicone ingredients but always reach for my homemade recipes every now and then as well.  As I type I'm sitting in my dungeon of a dryer, I'll have a post on this weekend's wash and the products I used .....
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