Coconut Oil Honey Pre-poo


A few weeks ago I gave my hair some much needed TLC.  Work has pretty much consumed most of my time and desire to do much with my hair.  Although I have stuck with deep conditioning every weekend, no matter my schedule, my hair has been suffering pretty much in between mostly due to laziness and neglect.  So I decided to add a few extra treatments to bring it back to life starting with a coconut oil and honey pre-poo treatment.

Honey never fails my hair.  It always leaves my hair shiny and soft so I had to work it into a treatment.  Coconut oil added to the mix helps strengthen and add moisture to my hair as well.  I decided to warm the honey and oil because I wanted to do it on slightly dry hair.  So I warmed the mix for easier distribution throughout my hair.

In a double boiler (my way!) I added the ingredients. Left it in my hair for about an hour (20 mins under the dryer).  Then shampooed my hair with Giovanni Tea tree to help clarify.

I like this shampoo first time trying Giovanni products and so far loving it. 

  The Tea tree Invigorating shampoo leaves my scalp clean and fresh!  I followed up my routine with Queen Helene's Cholesterol (added a little bit of avocado oil) went under the dryer for 20 mins, rinsed and followed up with Giovanni's Conditioner.


I went with a little bit of salerm 21 as a leave in.  Did my roller sets and went under the dryer..... these were the results.

I haven't been doing much to my hair.  Shame on me I've been hitting up the salon quite often (although it's been 2 months since direct heat)  so I'm doing some minor damage control.

I then wrapped my hair for a slightly straight wavy look.  Overall I was left with soft shiny hair as expected.  My hair is in pretty good shape just that I'm due for a trim soon since my ends are a bit burnt.  Otherwise maintenance and limited heat has been the name of the game.  I'm looking for a solid regimen I may come up with one soon since I need to start babying my hair again.

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