All White Affair


I'm headed to an all white affair this coming weekend and of course I left my outfit for the last minute.  Right after work yesterday I headed to the mall to see what I find. Being an all white affair I was a bit concerned I would not find something white but to my surprise I found several pieces. I'm still undecided if I should go with one of these dresses or opt for a pair of white trousers and white cropped blouse.

Either way I'm leaning toward one of these...we shall see.


Chymere A. said...

You look amazing in all three choices, but I think I like the first one the best...just in case you wanted my opinion, lol!

♥ Chymere Anais

estroJen said...

I am a sucker for off the shoulder dresses because I can't wear them so I would choose the top one but you look amazing in all of them!!! Hope you have a blast!!!

estroJEN xoxo

Breakfast at Cindis said...

You look great in all three dress !
But I think I love the first one best.

Breakfast at Cindi’s

K. Cruz said...

The first one is my favorite! However, you look gorgeous in all of them

Tina Beanie said...

First one is also my favorite. Stylish yet relaxed.

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

You make all of those dresses look nice. You're beautiful!


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