Strengthens Eyesight|Mental Powers|Decisiveness|Money|Heart Chakra

When it pertains to matters of the heart be it a change in a relationship, career and of course life, Aventurine helps you see the world in a different light from which you may be irradiating from.  What you perceived to be one way completely shifts when you come to realizations.  Aventurine helps you gain trust in that new perception and I guess that's why it's associated with strengthening vision, helping you real{eyes} the bigger picture.

Aventurine's name is derived from the Italian word "ventura" which means chance, luck. Actually now that I think about it, the word Aventura means Adventure in Spanish.  After all, Aventurine is a gambler's stone for  the risk taker, the "all or nothing" types.  It's also a stone of dreamers and untouched imaginations.  It attracts the playfulness of fairies and gnomes who particularly love to be around plants, trees and gardens.

This stone's energy has a very ethereal vibe to me.  It has a subtle way of helping you connect with it on a creative sense. My mind's thoughts run very rampant and often time find myself tackling many projects, imaginations in my mind all at once which often time prevents me from implementing them. I still have some more time to dedicate to this stone and get to know it a bit more especially it's healing aspect.

Associated with the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, it helps you gain that courage to be heard and most importantly self expression.  Aventurine is an all around harmonizing stone great to have if you are looking to find balance in the midst of change.
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