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A face is truly an ever changing portrait of who we are.  Seldom a blank canvas, enlivened by every evoked emotion.  Be it laugh lines, the mild mannered smirk, mole on your nose, your face can describe your personality with just one blink of the eyes. At least for me that is the case, since I've always studied and remained interested in this aspect of Chinese medicine.  Throughout the years I've been able to see how the face can not only describe your personality (physiognomy) but also your health as well.  I'm not a doctor and in no way diagnose anyone, but with close observation and a few questions you'd be surprised how accurate I can be.  Honestly you don't need to be a face guru.  Often time the flush of someone's cheeks can tell you how they're feeling right away so take that as your first lesson in face reading.

Deep horizontal lines on the forehead can indicate a worrisome person or a wide forehead (which many hide behind bangs) indicates a creative and intelligent person.  Those with that long Jay Leno chin are fussy and very organized (I worked with a few) and a dimple in the chin describes a playful and romantic person.

Health wise, the face can reveal many things.  Your under eyes are related to your kidneys so it's important to keep that organ healthy by drinking enough water.  Your forehead is also a map of your digestive organs so avoiding sugars and processed foods can minimize breakouts.  Acne is an indication of internal blockages like constipation. The body will try to cleanse itself regardless, including the skin.

Here's an interesting chart describing scars and moles throughout the face.

Face Reading: Secrets of the Chinese Masters

 By Simon G. Brown

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