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"Girl, please it won't work," "why are you acting like that?", "I heard SO & SO say you..." these are some of the sly remarks you may get from not so true people who claim to have your best interest at heart.  The possessive partner, insecure friend or jealous co-worker can be just one of the many types of people you want to protect your energy from, especially on a daily basis.  The people we spend most of our time with are the people who highly influence us daily.  It's still a relatively new year and spring is right around the corner, so why not start with some early spring cleaning?

Be aware of the non meaningful people in your life who really are around to deplete and feed off of your energy.  The friend who always calls to tell you his/her problems, the non supportive friend who always seems to bring problems can be draining as their issues and insecurities can suck the energy out of you and those around them.  Notice how some of these people are only around to hear about the bad things in life your life with front row seats, avid spectators.  They never seem to bring any type of solution to your problems.

Most people have friends to say they have friends when in fact they're just a part of a co-dependent type of relationship.  Have you ever noticed a group of friends that seem to be around and a part of a lot of drama and issues?  It's like a never ending circle of negativity, each person feeding off each other.  Friends and all relationships should help build you as an individual and not leave you feeling down, used or taken advantage of.

One of the greatest things about self evaluation is that at some point you have to ask yourself, why am I attracted to these people, things or rather, why are these things attracted to me?  Law of attraction? Are they a reflection of you?  Whatever it may be, it's important to cultivate positivity and that begins with the people closest to you and how their energy influences you.

Learn how to cut people off and know when they no longer serve you a purpose. You may have to make new friends, let go of an unfulfilled relationship, but it's best to start anew and refreshed.

Cleanse your aura around you and you will attract people that live off of the vibrations of love, joy and positivity as opposed to the the parasitic friends that live by draining your energy. Creating a positive outlook and energy-field of thoughts, you help create experiences and emotions that are in tune with your vibration. In my next post I will share some tips I use to keep those energy vampires away.  In the mean time cultivate positive thoughts and send into the universe what you hope to manifest.

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